Welcome to Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy. Our clients enjoy a wonderful spa or resort-quality massage session in a lovely setting right in the heart of Beachwood, Ohio. We provide that rare combination of strong and soothing hands that whisk away tension and pain and leave our clients feeling brand new. We are one of the best when it comes to Cleveland Massage Therapy and we have the reviews to prove it on Google Business Pages, Facebook, and on our TESTIMONIALS page.


Openings for week:  April 12th – 15th; keep in mind that this is before a holiday so if you want to be sure to get in, please call or text Donna right away at 216-640-6851.  Remember:  We offer day, evening, and weekend appointments!

Crazy Specials!

$59 – Heavenly Relaxation Massage (60 minutes)

$140 – Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – see www.clevelandcouplemassage.com

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When you are ready for the ULTIMATE IN RELAXATION and PAIN RELIEF come see us. We are unusual in that we combine Swedish type massage with warmed stones, aromatherapy, and our Heavenly Foot Massage to create the perfect session. In addition – we do REAL BODYWORK which is extremely therapeutic.  These things combined take relaxation and pain relief to a whole new level!

A note from the owner:  “We have a few clients who say they do not want a “hot stone therapy” massage.  The reason they say that is they do not understand what is entailed in a hot stone therapy session with us.  First – hot stones are not “hot” to you because we have to be able to work with the stones so the stones are WARM.  What you get is a regular Swedish type massage and some deep tissue PLUS your session is simply ENHANCED with the use of warmed stones.  The warmed stones are super effective at helping to quickly release tired, aching muscles and they directly affect your central nervous system in a way that makes you the most relaxed possible.  They take relaxation to a whole new level!  Plus clients always note that the stones feel INCREDIBLE and are soooooo soothing and comforting.  Warmed stones are also used during your foot massage!  So many of our clients come in unsure of the hot stone therapy but they all leave being very impressed with how great they feel and how wonderful the session was.  So don’t miss out!  Be sure to book your session today.”  Donna Agrinsonis, LMT

Heavenly Relaxation Massage  Enjoy a full hour massage that is deeply relaxing, soothing, and emerge feeling brand new! This is the session you need when you are stressed.  The session features long, flowing, soothing strokes designed to fully de-stress you and warmed stones and our Heavenly Foot Massage take relaxation to a whole new level. Includes gentle deep tissue for the neck/shoulders and lower back.  The extra large, heavy stones used on the back make our clients purr with delight so don’t miss out on this wonderful treat. SPECIAL $59 – one hour (reg. $90)

Stressbuster Aromatherpy Therapeutic MassageThis session is designed to alleviate stress, deal with chronic pain, energize you, and reboot your body so you feel like a brand new person. If you have been putting in long hours at work, juggling home and career, dealing with conflicts in your marriage and other personal relationships, traveling, dealing with long commutes and traffic, dealing with the increasing demands on your time, and now you are facing all the work and stress that goes along with planning for the holidays, then this session is what you need RIGHT NOW so you can feel your best. This  session is effective yet soothing and targets the neck/shoulders, lower back/glutes/hips with deep tissue skillfully mixed with relaxation massage to ease away areas of tension, discomfort or pain. Hot stone therapy, essential oils, and our Heavenly Foot Massage are incorporated leaving you the most relaxed possible. SPECIAL $80 – 1 hour; $100 – 75 minutes; $120 – 90 minutes.

Heavenly Stones Couples MassageOur Best Couple’s Session!  If you have never experienced a massage with healing basalt stones being used between heavenly massage strokes you are in for a real treat. This session is the ultimate when it comes to deep relaxation. Heated stones bring about an intense sense of peace and tranquility and the experience is deeply soothing and restorative. Warmed stones are used on the arms, neck/shoulders, legs, and back to help clear toxins, soothe the nervous system, and gently balance your body’s energy centers. Your session also includes a warmed stone foot massage which increases your overall energy level. Then, we take it a step further by using the stones in areas where clients have built-up areas of tension or discomfort to perform varying levels of deep tissue work. Clients report feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated. Many clients tell us that they are able to sleep much better for days after their session.  SPECIAL $140 – 60 minutes per couple (reg. $180)$190 – 75 minutes per couple (reg. $220); $230 – 90 minutes per couple (reg. $260) – if you are interested in the 75 or 90 minute session contact Donna for a discount if before 1-1-17!


“Ok, wow.  To think that I almost did not book because I wanted to avoid hot stones!  I am now a believer – I now understand why you said you do stones very different from most places.  I have had many massages and afterwards I feel ok, but this session with you has blown me away!  I have never felt so centered and refreshed before.  My back pain is gone and I can bend and touch my toes for the first time in months.  Thanks so much Donna.  I will definitely be back soon.”  Joseph M.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – November 2016.

“Donna has the absolute best hands I’ve ever experienced. The massage was far and away the best I’ve ever had. We’re both so happy we found you! Thank you for an amazing couples massage experience. My wife loved the massage Sherri gave as well. You were both amazing!” C. Beer (anniversary); Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – September 2016

“This experience exceeded my expectations. Very pleasant and calming. Would recommend this to friends and family. Sherri and Donna are a great team!!” N. Chaffin; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – August 2016

“I had problems with my lower back, and I love to play basketball at least twice a week. The massage (deep tissue) helped to relieve tension and stress where I needed it. My favorite part was the hot stones. My overall experience was great! The staff was polite and friendly. This is my first massage and I would come back again!” Jesse M.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – August 2016

“All I can say is… wow. As a marathon runner, this massage was phenomenal. Donna was so attentive to my stressed neck and shoulders. I can’t wait to come back!” Lindsey R.; Sports Bomb – August 2016

“Great experience for my wedding anniversary. My husband and I were able to relax and unwind together in the same room. Very clean and professional. I will be coming again soon.” Valerie S.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – July 2016

“First time I got a hot stone massage and it was great! Very relaxing environment. I would highly suggest a couples massage. Great bonding experience. Definitely coming back.” K. Swaffield (Angela) – Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – June 18, 2016

For a full list of testimonials go to:  TESTIMONIAL PAGE


90 Minutes of Heaven The Ultimate in Relaxation! If you are super stressed, this session will be a taste of heaven on earth. It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic and incorporates our Heavenly Foot Massage. Hot stone therapy is utilized for the back, shoulders, neck, and feet to melt away muscle tension and take relaxation to a whole new level. Deep tissue techniques are used in areas of pain or discomfort. Aromatherapy for balancing and stress along with the hot stone therapy and foot massage easily makes this the most relaxing session available in the Cleveland area. Our clients comment that we have the unique ability to perform deep tissue work in such a soothing way that many of them fall asleep. SPECIAL $100.00 – 90 min (this is $30 off the regular price of $130!)

Traveler’s Delight Therapeutic Massage – Meetings, seminars, cramped planes, driving for too long, classes, jet lag, sleeping on hotel beds, etc. all take a toll on the body. Many of our clients are from out of town so we have developed a massage therapy session just for them: Enjoy a soothing therapeutic massage that targets the neck/shoulders, lower back, legs, and glutes with deep tissue/deep muscle therapy (gentle to moderate); hot stones that are used to heighten relaxation and help release tense muscles; a special blend of essential oils that bring about a sense of wellbeing, mental clarity, balance, and deep relaxation; and a luxurious extended foot massage is combined with hot stone therapy and a special foot treatment to take relaxation to a whole new level. Emerge feeling rejuvenated and brand new! SPECIAL 75 minutes $90; 90 minutes – $120.00

Hot Stone Massage is our specialty!  Every single client who comes in say the exact same things: “I LOVE the hot stones!” ; “I feel like a brand new person!”  There is NO PLACE in Cleveland that does hot stone massage the same way that we do and it is a part of EVERY massage that we offer.   And yes – we includes LOTS of hand work but the stones are simply added to ENHANCE the massage session.   Our clients absolutely LOVE the way we incorporate warmed, healing stones into our bodywork to bring real pain relief and to take relaxation to a whole new level!

Any time you introduce heat to the body you are providing – pain relief and healing.  Hot stone massage, done skillfully and properly, delivers a much higher pain-relieving massage, and takes relaxation to a whole new level!


We offer the following:

  • The Ultimate in Swedish/relaxation massage for stress reduction, rejuvenation, and restoration
  • Healing Hot Stone Therapy and Hot Stone Deep Tissue to ENHANCE your session
  • Our clients enjoy great pricing WITHOUT having to do a membership
  • What other places consider as “upgrades” that they charge extra for – we include for FREE:  deep muscle therapy, aromatherapy, hot stone foot massage, healing foot treatment
  • Sports and deep tissue massage for athletes, those who are super active, or who work out a lot
  • “Heavenly Foot Massage” as part of most sessions which includes hot stone therapy, a therapeutic foot cream, and elements of reflexology
  • Prenatal massage – serious pampering and real pain relief done by therapist “certified” in prenatal
  • Couples Massage – one of the best in the area
  • Deep tissue for work overuse injuries and chronic pain
  • Couples Massage Training
  • Caring massage sessions for those getting massage for the first time and for teenagers or tweens
  • Hotel Massage – limited outcall service

What Sets Us Apart?

  • An unusual and meticulously decorated massage space
  • The ability to book between 6 am and 11 pm and to book via text for ease and convenience
  • Real pain relief and superb stress reduction
  • Regular, after hours, and weekend sessions to accommodate varied schedules
  • Some sessions available on and around holidays
  • Soothing sessions on super heated table
  • Hot stone foot massage
  • Unusual and deeply therapeutic hot stone therapy and hot stone deep tissue
  • 60, 75, 90 minute and 2 hour sessions available
  • Highly-skilled massage therapists
  • Convenient location; free off-street parking in front and in back of building
  • Accept all major credit cards including American Express

Areas We Serve: We serve the Cleveland, Ohio area including the suburbs of Beachwood, Lyndhurst, Solon, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, South Euclid, Bedford, Parma, Richmond Heights, Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village, Chagrin Falls, Highland Hills, Pepper Pike, Gates Mills, Moreland Hills, Orange, Willoughby. We also have clients that come from the west side, Airport, and as far away as Akron/Canton. We also serve a whole host of out-of-town clients which is why we had to start using smartphone technology so we could be available to respond to calls and texts as clients contact us from various time zones.

Location: We are located approximately 18 minutes from downtown Cleveland; 25 minutes from the Airport; 15 minutes from Independence; and 10 minutes from Solon. We are located about 3 minutes from I-271 near I-480 so we are conveniently located. We are exactly 5 minutes from every hotel in Beachwood. See the CONTACT page for a map and a picture of our building.

For a full list of services see the SERVICE LIST or CLICK HERE.

Check out some of our client testimonials below!

“My wife and I had an excellent experience with Donna, she is very professional and clearly thought out the curriculum in detail. This is a fantastic activity that every couple can benefit from.” Simon T. – May 2014

“I thoughly enjoyed my experience at heavenly healing massage. It is clear Donna knows exactly what she is doing and how to improve your personal needs. For me I had a sports injury and her treatment drastically increased my recovery speed. Well worth it!” Alex D. – basketball player; The Sports Bomb; Dec. 2014

“Hey Donna, this is Shereka from yesterday. I just wanted you to know I woke up feeling good, feeling great this morning and I thank you. I didn’t sleep sitting up but I did actually get to sleep the whole night without being uncomfortable. You are truly amazing and I will be booking with you soon. Thanks again!!!” Shereka D.; January 2015

“Thanks so much Donna. You really got me through a really difficult pregnancy. I knew going into it that it would be rough because of my age, but thanks to you I was able to endure to the end. I am so very grateful to you. You are truly gifted in what you do. Take care.” Alexandria S.; March 2015

“Ok Donna I am taking the time to write this review. The wife and I were of course blown away by the stones and the wonderful massage session but I was most impressed by the customer service. Being able to reach a live person on a Sunday morning and you responding via text right away floored me. Most places you hear back from in a couple of days if you call on the weekend. And then you worked it out for us to get in on the same day! Wow! Other places should really rethink using old-fashion land lines for their business. Thanks again. We will DEFINITELY be back soon!” Roger W.; February 2015.