Professional Massage Training

The following training is open to all therapists who are either certified in massage therapy or who are fully licensed in Ohio.  You must already have basic massage skills before taking any of the private instruction listed here.

Extraordinary Relaxation Massage

relaxation massageThis training will teach you the things you would never learn in school.  Many of the techniques therapists learn in school are anything but relaxing.  In the real world environment of massage, clients come in seriously stressed and need you to provide them a space in time where they can breathe, de-stress, and become rejuvenated.  I teach you everything from massage techniques to creating the most tranquil space.  I show you things that cause a client to become distracted and therefore, unrelaxed.  You will learn how important the foot massage is to relaxation massage and the best parts of the session to include it.  You will learn everything you need to know to be able to deliver a relaxation massage as if you have been doing massage for 20 years!  Not only will you be able to wow your clients but you will be able to quickly ace any massage audition that you do for a prospective employer.  $200 – 3 hour session

Healing Hot Stone Therapy – Taking Relaxation and Pain Relief to a Whole New Level

HOT STONESHot stone therapy is required in most area spas.  If you have this skill you will be in high demand.  However, the way that we perform hot stone therapy is very different from what is offered in most places around town.  Because we have chosen to break away from the crowd and do something different, concentrating on what clients like rather than sticking with the traditional – we are now known for our hot stone therapy.  In fact, we now have a 4.5 to 5 star rating on both Facebook and Google Business Pages and we have countless testimonials from our clients saying they absolutely LOVE the stone work!  I will teach you everything from care of the stones to the more advanced techniques of performing deep tissue and sports massage with stones and stone tools.  My training is geared towards helping therapists to develop their own UNIQUE stone practice.  Some of what you will learn in this training is:

  • The origin of hot stone therapy
  • Contraindications
  • Basic sanitation and care of your stones
  • Stone equipment options
  • Where to obtain the best stones for hot stone therapy
  • Advanced techniques for working with warmed stones
  • The basics of working with round stones
  • The basics of working with tool stones
  • Basic neck work to relieve neck pain and stiffness
  • Back pain and sciatica relief techniques
  • Upper back treatments
  • Hot stone deep tissue for legs
  • How to incorporate hot stones into a foot massage
  • Performing deep muscle therapy using massage gel and hot stones

This is a very intensive training and you will get a lot of practice actually working with the stones.  $400 – 4 hours

Not Just Any Ole Foot Massage

Foot massageOne of the most important parts of a relaxation massage is the foot massage.  However, when getting massages I see way too many therapists who treat the foot massage like it is something they just do quickly and then move on to something more important.  Did you know that there are points on the feet that DIRECTLY affect a client’s stress level?  And being in business 5 years and seeing literally hundreds of clients – comments about the foot massage are heard 2nd only to the hot stones that we use in our sessions.  Clients absolutely LOVE a great foot massage and it is one of the reasons that many clients say they come back for 2nd and 3rd appointments!  Skillful foot massage also greatly increases a client’s energy level and it is the secret to a massage being just ok versus a client feeling brand new when you are done working on them.  $150 – 2 hours


If you are traveling to Cleveland in order to do your training, contact me by calling or text me at 216-640-6851 and I will give you a list of the area hotels.  Our office is located right in the heart of Beachwood and we are about 25 minutes from the airport.

Check out some of our client testimonials below!

“My wife and I had an excellent experience with Donna, she is very professional and clearly thought out the curriculum in detail. This is a fantastic activity that every couple can benefit from.” Simon T. – May 2014

“I thoughly enjoyed my experience at heavenly healing massage. It is clear Donna knows exactly what she is doing and how to improve your personal needs. For me I had a sports injury and her treatment drastically increased my recovery speed. Well worth it!” Alex D. – basketball player; The Sports Bomb; Dec. 2014

“Hey Donna, this is Shereka from yesterday. I just wanted you to know I woke up feeling good, feeling great this morning and I thank you. I didn’t sleep sitting up but I did actually get to sleep the whole night without being uncomfortable. You are truly amazing and I will be booking with you soon. Thanks again!!!” Shereka D.; January 2015

“Thanks so much Donna. You really got me through a really difficult pregnancy. I knew going into it that it would be rough because of my age, but thanks to you I was able to endure to the end. I am so very grateful to you. You are truly gifted in what you do. Take care.” Alexandria S.; March 2015

“Ok Donna I am taking the time to write this review. The wife and I were of course blown away by the stones and the wonderful massage session but I was most impressed by the customer service. Being able to reach a live person on a Sunday morning and you responding via text right away floored me. Most places you hear back from in a couple of days if you call on the weekend. And then you worked it out for us to get in on the same day! Wow! Other places should really rethink using old-fashion land lines for their business. Thanks again. We will DEFINITELY be back soon!” Roger W.; February 2015.