Sports Massage Cleveland

Sports Massage Cleveland

Sports massage is the one thing that can IMMEDIATELY improve your range of motion; decrease muscle stiffness; speed up muscle recovery following exercise, sports, or athletic activity; flush out toxins and lactic acid from the muscles; and improve overall circulation which speeds up healing. Our sessions are unique in that we incorporate hot stone therapy and hot stone deep tissue into our sessions which take recovery and healing to a whole new level.

What We Do For Our Clients

  • Provide real deep tissue massage where you need it most
  • Pinpoint problem areas that can cause you to have to stop training or exercise if those areas are not dealt with
  • Help you fully recover from exercise, training, or intense physical activity
  • Give you a massage that is both highly effective, yet soothing and relaxing

Cleveland Sports Massage – In Cleveland sports massage is one of those instances where “you get what you pay for.”  We charge a little more for our sessions simply because we have much more in our sessions to help our clients.  We incorporate deep tissue techniques, hot stone therapy which is very healing to the body, and relaxation massage which speeds up recovery even more.  You can also request aromatherapy at no additional cost.  If that were not enough, your skilled therapist will locate areas where an injury may be developing so it can be dealt with BEFORE it sits you down!  This is crucial because over the last 5 years, we have helped many clients to avoid serious injuries that would have caused them to not be able to compete or work out.

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Focused Bodywork

Clients ask us all the time what the difference is between sports massage and a regular massage session. That is easy. Sports massage focuses specifically on the muscle groups that are involved or used in your particular sport or activity. So for instance, we see a lot of runners so we will then focus bodywork on the legs, glutes, feet, neck and lower back. If we are working on a basketball player we would focus more on the upper back muscles and arms, ankles/calves (because of the constant stopping and starting on the basketball court), legs, and glutes (running muscles). For a golfer we focus a lot of attention on the elbows (to deal with or prevent golfer’s elbow), forearms, shoulders, upper and lower back, legs, and feet. In addition, for every client that comes in we always ask if there are additional areas where they are feeling tightness, pain, or discomfort because everyone is different.

Find Problem Areas

When we do sports massage we are also looking for problem areas that may cause the client more pain down the road or even result in muscle dysfunction. Many times clients have focused so much attention on an area where they have a lot of pain that they failed to realize that another area was starting to have problems. A skilled massage therapist will find those areas and work on them before they become a full-blown issue.

Totally Customizable

It is important to note that we can customize a session for you when you come in. Some clients do not wish to have a lot of deep tissue done either after an event or before an event and that is fine. We will customize the session depending on your particular needs at the time.

Sports Massage Sessions

The Sports Bomb - Need mostly deep tissue? Whether you are a world class athlete or a weekend jogger, sports massage will target the specific areas of your body you stress depending on your sport of choice. Your session will include deep tissue, relaxation massage, and hot stone therapy (which take muscle recovery to a whole new level). Warmed stones are used to apply pressure and help tense and overworked muscles to release toxins and tension. We will focus on those areas that are overstressed from repetitive or aggressive movements. SPECIAL $90 – 1 hr; $105 – 75 min; $130 – 90 min (reg. $150) [For a FULL body deep tissue session you MUST do 90 minutes; proper deep tissue is not done at a fast pace.]

Heavenly Sports Recovery Massage – This session focuses more on relaxation, increasing circulation, flushing out lactic acid and toxins, and healing and incorporates about 50% deep tissue throughout the session. It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic and incorporates our hot stone foot massage. Deep tissue techniques are used in areas of pain or discomfort or in the areas where your therapist determines you need extra work. SPECIAL $100.00 – 90 min (reg. $130); with aromatherapy add $10 [wpanchor id=”donna”]


Why Donna Offers Sports Massage:  Donna took a great interest in sports massage as a result of her participating in intense exercise for over 20 years of her life.  Many clients do not realize that Donna has such a physical background because she experiences challenges with her body now that she is working through.  However, because of a super stressful career when she entered the legal field years ago, she had no choice but to make exercise one of the things that kept stress at bay.

Addicted to Exercise:  When Donna lived in Atlanta, Georgia, she joined some of Atlanta’s top athletic clubs and worked out 5-6 days a week doing intense cardio (exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical), weight training with heavy weights, and stretching sessions.  She hired trainers to teach her all about exercise and she learned a ton on her own.  She pretty much became addicted to exercise because she not only worked full time but she had 4 little children to raise on her own.  A lot of stress meant she needed a lot of exercise.

Donna Invests in Her Health and Fitness:  Donna has always spent a lot of money on exercise equipment for her home.  Over the years she owned a Soloflex weight machine, several weight benches, free weights, exercise balls, a high-end treadmill and elliptical, a Joe Weider Climber machine, and a Nordic Track Ski Machine.  She would work out at the athletic clubs on certain days and work out at home on other days.  She also spent several years doing race-walking through some of the nice neighborhoods where she lived.  She currently works out at Lifetime Fitness in Beachwood doing mostly water aerobics and weight training, and she works out at home on her Total Gym Fit machine and Bowflex weight machine.  She also incorporates a lot of functional training, stretching and some yoga moves to help keep herself mobile for working on clients.

She Relates to Pain:  Donna sustained a serious ankle injury 5 years ago that totally changed the way that she is able to work out.  She actually sustained the injury 2 months after starting massage school.  She almost quit school and ended up in a wheel chair for many weeks.  She had to return to school in a wheel chair and she used a walker in order to participate in class.  This is one of the reasons why she gets so much massage (sometimes weekly) for pain management and to keep herself mobile.  She also sustained a serious shoulder injury at some point as a result of training too hard with weights.  A lot of doctors see some of our clients and they sometimes do not believe them when they say they are in pain, but Donna understands that sometimes you cannot SEE where the pain is coming from but IT IS STILL HURTS!  In this way, she relates to her clients and has a gift for being able to find trouble spots in clients’ bodies – even if they were not aware it was there.  She sees herself as an integral part of keeping her clients moving and doing the activity or sport that they enjoy.

Check out some of our client testimonials below!

“My wife and I had an excellent experience with Donna, she is very professional and clearly thought out the curriculum in detail. This is a fantastic activity that every couple can benefit from.” Simon T. – May 2014

“I thoughly enjoyed my experience at heavenly healing massage. It is clear Donna knows exactly what she is doing and how to improve your personal needs. For me I had a sports injury and her treatment drastically increased my recovery speed. Well worth it!” Alex D. – basketball player; The Sports Bomb; Dec. 2014

“Hey Donna, this is Shereka from yesterday. I just wanted you to know I woke up feeling good, feeling great this morning and I thank you. I didn’t sleep sitting up but I did actually get to sleep the whole night without being uncomfortable. You are truly amazing and I will be booking with you soon. Thanks again!!!” Shereka D.; January 2015

“Thanks so much Donna. You really got me through a really difficult pregnancy. I knew going into it that it would be rough because of my age, but thanks to you I was able to endure to the end. I am so very grateful to you. You are truly gifted in what you do. Take care.” Alexandria S.; March 2015

“Ok Donna I am taking the time to write this review. The wife and I were of course blown away by the stones and the wonderful massage session but I was most impressed by the customer service. Being able to reach a live person on a Sunday morning and you responding via text right away floored me. Most places you hear back from in a couple of days if you call on the weekend. And then you worked it out for us to get in on the same day! Wow! Other places should really rethink using old-fashion land lines for their business. Thanks again. We will DEFINITELY be back soon!” Roger W.; February 2015.