Client Testimonials

We keep the majority of our client testimonials on this website since we now have so many of them.  We also have some added to the Facebook page where we have a 4.9 star rating and we appear on Google Business Pages (4.6 star rating):

“Prompt response with text appointment.  Clean and relaxing atmosphere.  We (my daughter and I) feel so relaxed after our visit.  Highly recommend this facility.”  J. Wilson; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Aug. 2017

“As a massage therapist, I know how hard it is to find a quality therapist on the fly.  Chanel was much better than I anticipated; her pressure and thoroughness was amazing.  Honestly, the best massage I’ve ever had!”  Jason A. (massage therapist himself); Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Aug. 2017

“My boyfriend booked this massage for my birthday, and it was so amazing!  The hot stones were new to me, but they were very relaxing and made the massage perfect.  We will definitely be returning to Heavenly Healing Hands Massage in the near future!  Thank you Adrian.”  Elizabeth H.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Aug. 2017

“Wow!  I am a runner and I also do a lot of weight training and spinning classes so I am always sore.  I wanted to try out a new place for massage and found Donna online.   I am so glad I came here.  Never knew this place was right by my job.  Donna is very knowledgeable and really knows sports massage.  She explained what she was doing and why and really put me at ease.  I never had hot stone massage before but those stones are nothing short of AMAZING!  I could feel the soothing heat getting down into my muscles and I got up from the table literally feeling like I could go run a marathon!  And the most interesting thing of all is I did not have to lay there clenching my teeth the whole time because Donna knows how to make deep tissue somehow feel good!  I will DEFINITELY be back! ”  Jeff V.; The Sports Bomb – July 2017

“Admittedly this is only my second massage ever, but I have never felt so relaxed.  The ambiance immediately puts you in an amazing mood.  And then the massage starts.  My aches and pains and stress started melting away as soon as she started working on me.  I will definitely be coming back many more times.  Karly B.; Prenatal Couple Massage – June 2017

“Gentleness goes quite a long way.  My massage was thorough and tender!  I felt as though what I asked for was given.  I loved the energy and peacefulness.  I feel light and calm and stronger than when I arrived.”  Brittany W.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – June 2017

“Although I have had a hot stone massage before.  Sherri was exceptional in her use of the stones to deepen the relaxation.  I am amazed that she was able to relax me w/o any pain.  A rare combination of effective and dreamy!  Jennifer C.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – May 2017

“After weeks of traveling, the hot stones and pressure relieved my problem areas and refreshed me.” B. Trafis; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – May 2017

“Great experience overall – from texting the appointment to the unique and comfortable room.”  Brian T.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – May 2017

“Donna paid attention and asked questions regarding my most bothersome areas.  Very relaxing atmosphere; clean and professional.”  JaQunda S.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage  – April 2017

“This was the best massage I could have dreamed of!  Definitely made a regular customer!  Thank you so much!”  Robert C.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – April 2017

“Arranged an appointment outside of regular hours without hesitation.  Very prompt responses.  Awesome and comfortable atmosphere.  I naturally began relaxing and will definitely return.  A genuine and no pressure attitude.  Loved it!”   Christopher A.; Stressbuster Deluxe Couple Massage – April 2017

“These guys are amazing!! Beautiful setup; loved the atmosphere.  When I was done I felt 10x better than I did when I went in.  10/10 Would recommend.”  Lindsey K.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – April 2017

“My appointment was set up same day I came in which was so nice of Adrian and Donna to make time for me.  I have never felt so relaxed and stress free.  I am sooo glad I chose to come here.  100% recommend.”  Stefani M.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – April 2017

“Everything was great from setup to the massage.  Donna was amazing.  Gentle, calming, and paid attention to my every need.  I felt more flexible leaving and a lot less pain!”  Briana L.; Baby Moon Couple Massage – April 2017

“What a wonderful experience!  The massage itself felt amazing!  Donna and Sherry (sp) have heavenly hands!  Simply peaceful and relaxing.  We feel renewed and rejuvenated.”  Nadia D. and Ethan S.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – March 2017

“My experience was very enjoyable and relaxing.  I felt very comfortable and the surroundings were very pleasing.”  M. Pinkney (mother of a regular client) – March 2017

“Had a wonderful couples massage.  I felt comfortable, relaxed, and renewed at the end.  The hot stone therapy was a wonderful touch.”  Kate C.; Stressbuster Deluxe Couple Massage – March 2017

“A very wonderful detailed experience.  Would love to continue.  A mental and physical healing process with Sherri.”  Sergio F.; Stressbuster Deluxe Therapeutic Massage – March 2017

“Wonderful experience!  The hot stones are a must!”  Logan S.; Stressbuster Couple Massage – March 2017

“So welcoming!  A very calm and relaxing feeling throughout my whole experience!”  Katie P.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage (90 min) – January 2017

“This was my first time having stone and deep tissue massage and Donna’s stone techniques were amazing.  I felt differences immediately.  I walked out feeling less stressed and more mobile.  She was able to explain what she was doing and why.  This was important.”  Elizabeth K.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – January 2017

“Wonderful setting and very accommodating.  Highly recommended.”  Jenna L.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – January 2017

“My wife and I really enjoyed our massage experience.  The hot stones were new and really relaxing.  I had some soreness on my tricep, and am relieved to find it has been healed!  Corey B.; Stressbuster Couples Massage – January 2017

“Donna has the absolute best hands I’ve ever experienced. The massage was far and away the best I’ve ever had. We’re both so happy we found you! Thank you for an amazing couples massage experience. My wife loved the massage Sherri gave as well. You were both amazing!” C. Beer (anniversary); Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – September 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal massage. I booked a couple’s massage at the last minute and Donna was able to accommodate quickly. I will be back to enjoy another massage in such a calm atmosphere.” Brittney C.; Prenatal Couples Massage – August 2016

“This experience exceeded my expectations. Very pleasant and calming. Would recommend this to friends and family. Sherri and Donna are a great team!!” N. Chaffin; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – August 2016

“The massage was a gift from my girlfriend. She set up a couples massage for my birthday. I’m always complaining about my back hurting and this gift was right on time. My body feels amazing. I will definitely return for more.” Leonard G.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – August 20, 2016

“All I can say is… wow. As a marathon runner, this massage was phenomenal. Donna was so attentive to my stressed neck and shoulders. I can’t wait to come back!” Lindsey R.; Sports Bomb – August 2016

“I had problems with my lower back, and I love to play basketball at least twice a week. The massage (deep tissue) elped to relieve tension and stress where I needed it. My favorite part was the hot stones. My overall experience was great! The staff was polite and friendly. This is my first massage and I would come back again!” Jesse M.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – August 2016

“As a full-time employee that works for the Public School System – my massage was relaxing and well overdue. The massage helped to relieve tension/stress from my mind/body/spirit. All should treat themselves to this ritual at least once a month. Thank you.” Janeen Renee E.; Stressbuster Deluxe; Therapist: Sherri – July 2016

“Great experience for my wedding anniversary. My husband and I were able to relax and unwind together in the same room. Very clean and professional. I will be coming again soon.” Valerie S.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – July 2016

“Everything about my experience was 100% professional and comfortable. The quality of service was A-1. I will definitely refer a friend and also return as a client. FYI – the pricing is very affordable. Chareen F.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – June 2016

“My massage was very relaxing, the tension was removed from my muscles and I really enjoyed the aromatherapy also. I feel rejuvenated and ready for the world.” Allan J.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – June 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I loved the variety of techniques used as well as the peaceful, relaxing environment. I would highly recommend and encourage others to visit.” K. Tougas; 90 Minutes of Heaven – June 2016 (Therapist: Sherri)

“First time I got a hot stone massage and it was great! Very relaxing environment. I would highly suggest a couples massage. Great bonding experience. Definitely coming back.” K. Swaffield (Angela) – Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – June 2016

“I loved the hot stone massage, especially the foot massage!  I will definitely be back.” T. Adams; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage; June 2016

“This was a great experience. Our first couple massage or massage at all and we were made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. The option to choose our music to get a massage to was definitely a plus.” Derek (Kim) J.; Heavenly Bliss Couples Massage – June 2016

“I’ve never had a hot stone massage before, and it was much better than I had expected. The ladies were so nice and I felt so comfortable. My only issue was I wasn’t allowed to take them home with me for unlimited massages!” Angela (and Kevin) M.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – June 2016

“90 minutes of heaven was exactly that! The place is very cozy, the therapist was just perfect i.e. perfect pressure, felt out the problem areas without having to mention them. All in all, great experience and next time I’m in Cleveland I will definitely be coming back! Thanks.” Ariel M.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – June 2016

“Scheduling was very easy. The staff was very friendly.  Our couples massage was absolutely fantastic.  Way better than the normal chains.  We will definitely come back.  Found a gem!” D. Janssen (Tina); Heavenly Stones Couples Massage; June 2016

“I am from Seattle, WA but was visiting with my fiance’ to see his family. We came in for the couples massage and it was fantastic. We were greeted warmly and the entire experience was warm and comfortable from then on out. The stones were my favorite part because they relaxed my muscles in a new way. A definite stop for our trips in Cleveland.” Katherine R. (Michael); Heavenly Bliss Couples Massage – May 2016

“The massage was absolutely amazing and rejuvenating. The room had a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that truly made a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend this place to receive a massage.” Juliet H.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – May 2016

“This was a great first massage experience on my birthday! Very professional! Very relaxing. I will be scheduling another one very soon and encouraging all my friends to try.” Stephanie B.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – May 2016

“This was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend this to anyone! It’s so relaxing and therapeutic. I truly feel like a new person!” Michael K. (and Katherine); Heavenly Bliss Couple Massage; May 2016

“The massage was absolutely amazing and rejuvenating. The room had a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that truly made a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend this place to receive a massage.” Juliet Hall; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – May 2016

“I feel like a completely new person.  Everything about the experience was perfect.  Ten out of ten, would recommend to a friend.” Liam K.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – May 2016

“It was the best; I need to come here more often.  I coming back on my b-day.” D. Vinson; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage; May 2016

“The massage was great. It put my boyfriend to sleep and I was right there with him. It went by fast though but that just means she was doing a great job.” Lorrainna W.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage; May 2016

“I absolutely love this place! They made me feel very welcoming and I will be coming back.” Ebony H.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage; May 2016

“Visiting from out of town while a family member is at Cleveland Clinic.  Massage was just what I needed – relaxing, soothing, and relieved built-up tension and stress.  Thank you!” Jennifer K.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage - April 2016

“My massage was amazing!  The setting is beautiful and the essential oils smelled wonderful.  All of my tension has been released.  I will definitely be returning soon.” P. Hill; 90 Minutes of Heaven – April 2016

“I was very sore coming in which was the whole reason for the massage.  I was made to feel welcome as soon as I entered the room.  The atmosphere was calm and soothing.  What a fabulous massage!  It was everything I hoped for and more.  I even received water and chocolates at the end.  Who does that!?” Marsha S.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – April 2016

“I felt very relaxed and at ease.  My therapist hit all the spots I had been feeling tension in and I loved every minute.  Will return!!” Marlon P.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – April 2016

“Very relaxing and therapeutic experience.  The whole experience was soothing.” T. Dunn; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – April 2016

“It was just perfect!  These women are amazing at what they do!  It feel great.  Thank you!” A. Parker; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – March 2016

“Not what I was expecting but that is a good thing!  Therapists usually end up hurting me for most of a deep tissue session but the way you combine those stones with deep tissue, I actually ended up enjoying my sports massage session and that is rare.  My muscles stay a bit knotted up with me running 5 days almost every week but you certainly know your stuff Donna.  I really appreciate the leg and glute work – I feel brand new!  You have gained a regular client for sure.” Aaron S.; The Bomb Sports Massage – March 2016

“Very, very nice Donna.  Thank you so much for getting us in!  We really loved our session and your place is so relaxing and inviting.  I have to say that the massages were far better than massages we have received around town.  Those stones really do make a difference.  We will be coming back and we will definitely let some of our friends know to check you out.  Thanks again!” Jessica and Sam T.; Heavenly Stones (Valentine’s) Couples Massage – Feb. 2016

“OMG! In the midst of my massage I could have just went to sleep, but the anticipation of what Donna was going to do next was driving me insane. The atmosphere was amazing. Donna was so pleasant and more than aware of a mother’s needs. The smells were even wonderful. The place was so clean. I can go on and on about Ms. Donna’s “Gifted Hands” but the best way to express the love of this prenatal massage is once you try it, you will be trying to figure out how fast you will return. I can’t wait to come back.” Danielle (Danni) W.; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Couples Massage (90 min) – July 2015

“I have been getting professional massage for over 20 years, and have had massage from therapists trained in many different techniques, at different venues (i.e., chiropractor offices, spas, resorts, individual practitioners, retreats, etc.) Donna and her team offer exceptional service and a simply lovely and relaxing environment. I recommend texting the business number listed as this will contact Donna immediately and she is extremely prompt in replying. Donna’s technique is a wonderful blend of relaxation and deep tissue massage, with a bit of Thai massage technique thrown in. The effect is profound and amazingly therapeutic. When in a long meeting I find myself wondering if Donna is available that evening! I have yet to experience her hot stone massage, but have booked one for next week and am looking forward to it.” Lori S.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – June 2015

“I have to hand it to you guys – you really do know how to pamper people. I have been to spas all over town and I swear they don’t get it. At other places either they don’t put a neck roll under your neck or the leg bolster is small and hard or the table is barely warm at all. I travel all over and when I get a massage I want to be pampered and you guys have nailed it! Lovely scents in the room, big ole bolster, fluffy neck roll, nice oils and the aromatherapy in my oil was a very nice touch indeed. I appreciate that Donna more than I can say because I am just very stressed these days and just need a little tender loving care. You definitely have a regular client here.” Sandy H.; Stressbuster Deluxe Therapeutic Massage – May 2015

“Thanks so much Donna.・@ You really got me through a really difficult pregnancy.・@ I knew going into it that it would be rough because of my age, but thanks to you I was able to endure to the end.・@ I am so very grateful to you.・@ You are truly gifted in what you do.・@ Take care.” Alexandria S.; Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage – March 2015

“Hey Donna, this is Shereka from yesterday.I just wanted you to know I woke up feeling good, feeling great this morning and I thank you.I didn’t sleep sitting up but I did actually get to sleep the whole night without being uncomfortable.You are truly amazing and I will be booking with you soon.・@ Thanks again!!!” Shereka D.; Baby Moon – January 2015

“I thoughly enjoyed my experience at heavenly healing massage.It is clear Donna knows exactly what she is doing and how to improve your personal needs.For me I had a sports injury and her treatment drastically increased my recovery speed.Well worth it!” Alex D. (high school basketball player); The Sports Bomb – December 2014

“Donna’s massage offered me some relief from a chronic pain condition. She consulted before the massage about what areas to concentrate on, and was very sensitive to the more painful parts. The peaceful atmosphere of the room and her careful technique were a nice respite. I was very happy to meet her, and have recommended her to friends. Thank you again, Donna!” Maura M.; Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage – July 2014

“Donna, thank you for setting up my appointment with Paula B. yesterday, she was fantastic and very thorough. I have to tell you honestly I was in so much discomfort with a tight knot in my neck/shoulder area. I was desperate for some kind of relief, but it was a Sunday! So, I went to the Internet to search for someone to help me! I have to admit, I was used to going to a spa – but they did not offer Sunday hours and I was unable to wait until Monday, so I found Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy and saw that you took Sat & Sun appointments. Paula really did give me one of the BEST massages I have ever had and I will be sure to schedule with her again for myself and husband! I will also be happy to pass the info on to friends and family members! ‘Spa Massage Without The Spa Pricing’ I would vouch for that! Thank you again and I will be back!!!” Cathy M.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage; July 2014

“My wife and I had an excellent experience with Donna, she is very professional and clearly thought out the curriculum in detail. This is a fantastic activity that every couple can benefit from.” Simon T.; Couples Massage Training – May 2014

“The massage felt really great and I felt comfortable having my spouse next to me.・@ Heavenly Healing Hands were very professional and we will definitely return.” Nicole W. and Bruce H.; Stressbuster Deluxe Couples Massage – April 2014

“Wow!・@ What an experience.・@ Felt like I was walking on air.・@ Fantastic!・@ Relaxing sensation your body will definitely love.” Hengst and G. Hengst; Stressbuster Deluxe Couples Massage – April 2014

“We spent a Sunday afternoon with Paula and Donna.・@ This is exactly what we needed after a week full of stress.・@ Needless to say it was exactly what we need between the deep tissue massage and the hot stones.・@ It was an experience worth every penny. Very easy to find and very friendly.・@ I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.” Frey and C. Friedel; Stressbuster Deluxe Couples Massage – March 2014

“It is difficult when you travel to a city for an event and just want a good massage but we googled and found Donna’s office and we were more than pleasantly surprised.・@ Her office is not a spa but she does not need to be.・@The office is so nice and inviting and the wine glasses and・@premium chocolates are really a nice touch.・@ We・@had just arrived all the way from the West Coast and we arrived・@exhausted and needing a bit of TLC and we sure got it!・@To be honest, just laying on the massage table alone would have sufficed because it was so warm and soft but the massages rival anything we have gotten at the various resorts we have gone to and those hot stones are to die for!・@ But, really, the thing I liked the most is – we contacted Donna from our time zone which we realized later would have been 11 p.m. her time and she promptly・@responded to our texts as if it was regular business hours.・@ She got us scheduled and did not complain that we texted her late at night.・@ Glad to see some business owners embrace current technology and a new way of doing things…” Joel and Candy E.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – March 2014

“My girlfriend and I came in on Valentine’s Day weekend.・@We both found the experience to be extremely soothing and relaxing.・@The quality of the massage was the best I have ever had. I would highly recommend this for anyone, especially couples.” Tony T. and Michille T.; Stressbuster Tables For Two – February 2014

“Donna provided an out of body experience today.・@My comfort and relaxation levels reached an all time high.・@If you have the time I would highly recommend a visit to Donna where every movement is felt both inside and out.” Avery J.;・@90 Minutes of Heaven + aromatherapy – February 2014

“The prenatal massage I got was outstanding.・@She got in all the tense places in my body and the warm stones were amazing too for my first time.・@It was the best massage I ever had.” Jazmin C.; Prenatal Touch of Spa – Feb. 2014

“I avoided getting massage after my sixth month because I was way too uncomfortable on・@any massage table.・@ But after experiencing a ton of back pain I called Donna and booked an appointment for a Sunday afternoon.・@ I ended up uncomfortable again 5 minutes into the massage but Donna has so many things in her office she uses to keep her clients comfortable that she was able to find a way to help me relax and actually enjoy the session.・@ All I had to do was let her know what I needed.・@ My only regret is not going to her earlier in my pregnancy…” Anita S.; Prenatal Touch of Spa – January 2014

“The massage was amazing. It felt like I was on the beach relaxing. The room felt automatically comforting and relaxing.・@Everything was to be expected and Amanda and myself will recommend your services to anyone we meet.・@Thank you.” Amanda G. and Chris W.; Tables For Two – January 2014

“Wow. We came in for a couples massage for the holidays and I, being a guy, usually have a problem with my therapist not using enough pressure. I don’t need extreme pressure but I just cannot stand a light massage. But Donna worked on me and Paula worked on my wife and I can say that Donna knows how to use good pressure! I was pleasantly surprised. She worked out all the kinks in my neck and my lower back and legs. Really enjoyed those warm stones too. Never experienced that before but very nice. My wife and I both really enjoyed our sessions and we will definitely return soon.” Andy and Jennifer S.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – December 2013

“Thanks for pampering my sister and I on her birthday Donna. You really have a knack for making people feel special and cared for. I have had a lot of massages and mostly many therapists seem to be going through the motions but I can tell that you really enjoy what you do. Very refreshing. I just felt like you were totally present the whole time and really focused on helping me to de-stress. And can I please have your massage table?! It was so warm and soft! Wonderful this time of year!! Thanks again and Happy New Year to you.” Cheryl W. and Molly P.; Heavenly Scents Couples Massage – December 2013

“Coming to a new city for work is always a little daunting because that means I have to find a good massage therapist. Thank God for Google because I found you. One massage and now I feel more focused, clear-headed, and ready to deal with these long seminars I have to sit through. All this constant travel just kills my neck and low back but you fixed that so I WILL be back when I return to Cleveland. I will text next time to make things easier. Take care Donna.” Jackson E.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – November 2013

“After going to several other massage therapists that were advertising locally, I found Donna and haven’t seen anyone else since. Donna gives an excellent massage with a very warm, comforting atmosphere. Donna pays attention to all the little details that make a good massage a GREAT massage. The heated massage table, relaxing music, scented oils and hot stones are just a few of them! Donna has helped my arms, back and neck tremendously. After a long week in the dental clinic seeing my own patients, seeing Donna is very much needed. I’ve received deep tissue, hot stone and relaxation massages from Donna that were all excellent. Donna really knows how to give a great massage and she truly enjoys pampering you in the meantime. If you’re looking for a great massage, I’d highly recommend calling Donna because you won’t be able to find a better massage at any price.” Jason W., Student Doctor, Case Western School of Dental Medicine – November 2013

“I went to get a 60 minute massage during my third trimester of pregnancy for relaxation and tension relief. My massage was with Donna Agrinsonis, who was absolutely wonderful. She had a lot of skill and worked very hard throughout the whole hour on the massage. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxing and all of my cares drifted away. Afterwards, I felt very energized and the effects lasted for several days. I had no idea how a massage would go during pregnancy, but I was very glad that I tried it! I used to do regular massages for medical reasons in the past and, although I did this one for relaxation, I was very pleased with the skill of the practitioner and the service. Donna was also very accommodating in regards to scheduling. I hope to return soon.” Inna A.; Prenatal Massage – September 2013

“My husband and I came for my 40th birthday and his Father’s Day resent. I can see why they are called ‘Heavenly Healing Hands.’ It was an awesome experience. The atmosphere was very pleasant. It was my first time with a male massage therapist and I was extremely comfortable. Adrian was ‘Mr. Wonderful.’ Mick said Donna has very strong hands and she worked wonders on him. The word to describe it all = AWESOME!! Thank you and be blessed.” Deb and Mick M.; Aromatherapy Tables For Two – June 2013


Holly and Mark S.; Couples Massage – original reviews from the home studio – September 2012

“I(Holly) have been going to Donna’s home massage studio for over a year, and truly enjoy the atmosphere she creates in her ‘massage room’ and the massage itself! The heated massage table is so warm and cozy, and there is no stuffy, cold A/C blowing on your head like at a spa, which is a big deal for me dealing with sinuses and allergies; rather, there is a humidifier warming the air (think “open air” massage on an island in Jamaica, mmm . . . )! I particularly enjoy the hot towels under my neck, relieving sinus tension and pain. When you communicate to Donna your aches and pains, she works on the areas –or– many times, she “discovers” knotted muscle areas that you may not feel until she begins working on your body, and then she works that area and stretches you, etc.・@I am a part-time fitness instructor, so I usually need more work than others, and Donna doesn’t hesitate to go over her allotted time to ‘work out’ the tight muscles in my body — as long as she doesn’t have another appointment following mine, she usually works 75 minutes on me. She never asks for compensation for the extra time, but of course I provide extra $$$, it is well worth it and deserved on her end. Donna has THE BEST music ever, I am never disappointed. She has ice cold water in the room ready to drink prior to and after your massage, and chocolates, yum. Of course, our favorite is the Couple’s Chocolate Massage — both Mark and I love chocolate, the smell in the lotion and the chocolates we eat at prior to/after our massages! Mark and I have had a handful of couple’s massages (Adrian, Donna’s partner is just as wonderful), and Mark can attest to Adrian working out his painful, knotted shoulder muscles after a few sessions. Mark has started enjoying his massages on a monthly basis, and we plan to go as a couple once a month, schedules permitting . . . Go, enjoy, Donna knows how to pamper people. And yes, I have been to a handful of professional massage studios, and none have compared to the atmosphere she creates.”

Marcella K. P.; Relaxation Massage – July 2012

“I went to Donna on 7/18/2012 for a relaxation massage. I am a doctoral student and find myself often stressed, sitting in one position for hours and researching information. By the time I got to Donna, everything hurt, specifically my neck and shoulders. Donna was able to completely relax me, she is very gifted and although I have had massages before and quite frankly, they were not as thorough as the one she gave me. Her use of warm stones and healing hands put me right off to sleep. I can’t wait to return for my next massage. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. She is warm and personable and well worth every penny.”

Mark M.; Relaxation Massage – December 2011

“Just a note to say that you did a great job. I was really impressed with your set-up, particularly the heated massage table. I have had a lot of massages at all kinds of spas etc, and never had that touch. Great work.”

Mark M.; Relaxation Massage – December 2011

“Just a note to say that you did a great job. I was really impressed with your set-up, particularly the heated massage table. I have had a lot of massages at all kinds of spas etc, and never had that touch. Great work.”

Deborah S.; Relaxation Massage – November 2011

“This massage was the best massage I have ever received. Paula was so nice and the massage was perfect after a long day! Thank you.”