Your Very First Massage

Your Very First Massage

Here at Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy, we see our fair share of first-time clients.  If you are considering having your very first massage, I hope this post helps to put you at ease….

Paula and I have a spa background working in high-end spas and at a country club in the area.  As a result, we have introduced a ton of clients to massage.  Many clients come in with the same look of trepidation on their face, wondering what to expect during their first massage.  We are always able to put our clients at ease because we know what it feels like to go for that very first bodywork session.  So I am going to give answers to some of the questions clients most commonly ask:

What do I wear during the massage?  For most massages, clients leave on their underwear bottoms.  This is because we use the spa set-up which is two sheets and a blanket.  The entire massage you will be totally covered with a sheet and nice blanket unless we are working on your arm, leg, foot, back, etc.  And when we work on an area we drape you in such a way to protect your modesty.  A few clients are used to getting their massage fully unclothed and that is fine also because we still drape you in modesty regardless of what you leave on.

Do you work on the feet? Yes.  For us, working on the feet is very important to the massage as a whole.  Skillful massage therapy to the feet affects the entire body and helps with stress-relief.  Our Heavenly Foot Massage incorporates the use of warmed stones which is a real treat for tired feet and increases the overall soothing and relaxing affect.  We also use a special therapeutic foot cream which helps to condition the skin and also gives additional therapeutic benefits to the feet.

I know that I need deeper work because I am in pain but will the deep tissue work hurt me?  We work only to our clients’ comfort levels.  We encourage all clients to speak up if we happen to use too much pressure or if a particular technique is causing you discomfort.  Now, keep in mind that when you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is necessary for a massage therapist to use more pressure and you may feel some discomfort when we first start working an area, but as the tension is worked out you should start to feel better.  Just know that if you are feeling tenderness in a muscle it is because that area really needs some level of deep tissue work.  However, we know that it is not necessary to hurt a client in order to bring relief, so always communicate with us to let us know if a technique is too much for you.  And, know that we go out of our way to mix in a LOT of relaxation massage even if we are doing deep tissue so you still enjoy a very soothing massage session.

Should I eat before I come to my session or after?  You should not eat for about an hour prior to your session.  So if you are planning on getting your massage, sometimes it is best to plan a meal for afterwards.

Can we bring champagne to our couples massage?  You can bring champagne or wine to your couples massage but you have to serve yourselves.  Massage speeds up the metabolism of fluids entering the body in a way that could put you in danger if you are driving so, for legal reasons, we cannot serve you alcohol of any kind.  You, however, electing to have some champagne or wine that you brought with you, fully releases us from any liability.

What if I fall asleep or start snoring during my session?  We do not get concerned with whether or not you fall asleep.  Many clients enjoy their sessions so much that they fall off to sleep and that is fine.  We are used to this and snoring does not bother us or interrupt your session in any way.

Will the hot stones burn me?  No.  The way that we perform hot stone therapy protects clients from being burned.  Most places like to sit the warmed stones on the client but we do not allow this practice.  We work with the stones and we are always moving with them.  We also must be able to hold the stone in our hands which means that it is cooled enough to be moved along your body in safety.  In addition, when using the larger, heavier stones, we test the stone on our arm to make sure it is not too warm for the client.  Even so, if you feel a stone is much too warm feel free to speak up.  It is very easy for us to adjust the temperature as a small group of clients are a little bit more sensitive to heat.

Is your table heated?  Yes.  Our tables have one of the warmest table warmers available.  If it is too warm we can turn it down.  In addition, if you tend to get cold quickly, you may request an additional blanket.

I am pregnant and I am not comfortable for long lying flat so how do you deal with this?  For our expectant mothers we keep you propped up so you are lying at an angle while you are on your back.  After that we turn you on either side and additional pillows are used to be sure you are very comfortable throughout the entire treatment.

Why do I need to drink a lot of water following my massage?  After your session, you will hear us tell you to drink a lot of water and avoid caffeine.  The reason for this is some clients really feel the effects of freed-up toxins floating around in their system following a massage and drinking a LOT of water helps to flush excess toxins out of the body quickly before they have a chance to cause you symptoms.  I have gone in for a particularly deep massage before and the very next morning experienced an extreme headache, flu-like symptoms, and fatigue.  I immediately knew that I forgot to drink a lot of water like I normally would and so I paid for it for about a day.  Everyone is not like this but it is better to be safe than sorry especially when it is your first session.

I want to book a couples massage but I know my husband will not want a man working on him so is there a way to be sure that a lady therapist will work on him?  I have two therapists who have worked with me for 4 years (one male and one female).  Our protocol is – whenever I work with my male therapist I work on the male client and he works on the female client.  However, if you are going to book a prenatal couples massage you will need to request that both therapists be female because I would have to work on the lady client in that instance.  By the same token, if only our male therapist is available to work with me, please note that every client that Adrian has ever worked on loved his massage and any male clients who initially had reservations, quickly found that Adrian does awesome therapeutic bodywork and they ended up enjoying their session.

Do you work on tween and teenage clients?  Yes.  We have had quite a few younger clients and I simply suggest that a parent come in with them the first time.  That way, I am able to work on the young person and explain the treatment to the parent and that helps to put the parent at ease.

Are your couples massages just for those who are married?  No.  Couples massage simply means two clients who are comfortable being worked on by two therapists in the same treatment room.  You have to be able to disrobe in the same area.  We have had friends, co-workers, sisters, mother and daughter, etc. come in together.

For any questions not addressed here, please feel free to call or text Donna at (216) 640-6851.

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Donna is a licensed massage therapist and offers massage therapy services from her office in Beachwood, Ohio. She also heads up the massage services at a prominent country club in the Beachwood area. She attended the National Institute of Massotherapy and walked away from a career in the legal field in order to pursue a career helping clients to de-stress and have better health. She has a background working in high-end spas, for a wellness company, and working in chiropractic offices. From her office she offers clients relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and couples massage. She is also a Health Coach with Herbalife so she is able to help clients with additional health and weight-related concerns. If you need to reach her please call or text (216) 640-6851.

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